Wondering About Photography

Photography…something I’ve never done seriously if at all…ever.
I’ve always wanted to get in a class…but they always filled up too fast.
I have had an SLR on my wishlist for years…
I even work on an digital photography website at work…
I have old ‘photography projects’ I’ve never really showed anyone and tons of ideas I’ve never really done.
I’ve also been searching for a photo/model partner for ages…someone who considers themselves a photographer and a model and wants to do both (so I can do both too), someone who wants to take fantasy themed photos and just likes doing it for the fun of it…
I’ve always wanted a Flickr, but unless you get a paid account, it’s not really worth it.
I also tried to do the ‘one photo every day for a year’ thing (still sorta trying but I’ve missed 4 days already and it’s only been a few months) My favorite photographer EVER even gave up on the project…see…

“I decided to give up on the 365 project. Most the pictures were uninspired and boring and a waste of space, and right now I don’t have the time or energy to make an effort every day to make them better. I might try some other time again.”Liselotte Eriksson aka my amateur photography hero/obsession

So…I’m still trying…not given up yet cause some people think I shouldn’t…thanks Jim and Andrea =P…(my ‘365 project’ fans)

I guess the purpose of this post is to remind myself of my back-burner wish and how I should work on making it real someday.
So in the spirit of photography…here’s a photo from my failing continuous project.


From when I bird-sat Ben's bird.


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