My First Crepe Wool Wig and Some Makeup

I finised my first crepe wool wig!!
I’m so excited to have finished this project. It has taken me a long time to get the motivation to finish it and if it was not for a client who knows if it would have ever gotten finished. Now that I’ve gotten my first out of the way I’m already planning my second. (For me, I’m not sure if/when I’ll be taking wig commissions again) It is a wig designed after the character Alonzo from the musical Cats. It will be shipped today to the customer and I will miss it dearly. I took loads of photos though, some with makeup. So enjoy!

Alonzo Wig

Alonzo Makeup

Oh, and in other news…I did some Cat makeup of an original character made by my friend Julie.
Sinquain! (or SinQ for short)

Here is my friend Julie as Sinquain almost 10 years ago(!)


And here’s a drawing of Sinquain (and my OC Atraielees)



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