To Vlog or Not To Vlog

Oh YouTube, how you provide us with mindless entertainment to wast our time on…

Okay, so here’s the deal.  YouTube has two main audiences.  The first, most common, is the average person looking for a funny video, music video, or tv show to watch or show their friends.  The other group is the people who subscribe to or create themselves…vlogs.  At first glance they seem self-obsessed or clearly doing it to get noticed and then sponsored…blah blah blah, just really annoying.

However…I’ve kind of gotten into them…eeep!  Some of the YouTube vlogers are really talented (some are not).  I’m not quite at the level where I watch all of them or wait eagerly for a new upload.  Yet, I do have my favorite channels and I watch random videos from them when I’m bored or wanting a quick dose of entertainment or comedy.

I’m mentioning all of this…becouse, well…I’ve been toying around with the idea of doing my own videos.  I already have two youtube accounts: (personal) (professional)

So…is this a good idea…bad idea…or do you not really care cause it’s not like you’re going to watch them or anything…?

Ok, well before you anwser that, check out the youtube channels that have inspired me to…perhaps…vlog.

So yeah, there’s a few of my favorite channels.

I might just do it…


Ideas, opinions?


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