Discovering Daily Booth

Oh dear…the world of youtube vloggers opens up so many pandora’s boxes…of annoying…no, fun, but yes still a bit annoying internet networking websites.  Facebook is only the tip of the iceberg, there’s Twitter, Tumblr, Myspace, LiveJournal, DeviantArt, and LinkedIn (cause we all have to grow up sometime)  All of these I have…and…I now have a DailyBooth…  Why, you ask, do you you keep signing up for these sites and then only complain about them?  Well, I answer, I love the internet.  Yes, I know we all have a love/hate relationship with it but I honestly think I could stay in the industry for a long time.  I love meeting new people that may be on the other side of the planet or 5 miles away.  It’s great for people with very specific interests because you can find others who like what you like easily.  (Trust me, I found a message board for fans of the musical Cats that enjoy making replica fan costumes…talk about specific!)  So that is why I do not ‘poo-poo’ upon social networks, I sign up for them.  Sometimes I use them a ton and then abandon them when I ‘grow out’ of them. (Xanga for one…Myspace to in a way)  Anyways, I signed up for DailyBooth because my favorite YouTube vlogers are really into it and I thought it looked interesting.  It’s best when used with Mac’s PhotoBooth or a camera phone.  Some take high quality photos or edit their photos…but that’s not really what DailyBooth’s for.  It’s for the spur-the-moment, quickly done, snap shot.  I’ve spent time just watching the Live Feed and commenting on photos that inspire me to do so.  I’ve had some great short and sweet convos with strangers…and the odd thing was…it was kinda fun.

Here a a few of my Booths…check out more here:

Do you have any interesting social networking websites to share?


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