The Creating Cat

I’ve decided to actually get serous about YouTube, play by their rules, be official, etc.  So, I have started a brand spanking new channel!  It’s called: TheCreatingCat Kind of a cute name, since I like creating things (costumes, makeup, films, shows, etc.) and that’s what the vlog is mainly about.   I also love cats…and cat costumes…makes sense.  I doubt I’ll ever be internet-famous or YouTube royalty (part of the partner program) but what’s to stop me from trying?  Honestly, it’s just a lot of fun.  I’ve missed using FCP and now I can pretty much use it all the time purely for fun.  Just as fun and more productive than playing video games all day. (not that I’m judging, I do love The Sims)  So if you have any suggestions for videos, leave a comment!  Also, if you have a YouTube account, think about subscribing.

The last channel (Atraielees) won’t be deleted right away.  However I may delete some of the videos.  I’ll warn everyone before though…so maybe I will just move them over if they are popular.  Anyways, here’s the last video from that channel explaining why and whatnot.

And in other news…


Eevee is coming along…the mane is taking forever but going the yarn rout was bound to take some time.  I sewed the base of Andrea’s Venusaur costume and she’s gonna look awesome.  Photos to come!


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