If January is for Planning, then February is for Production

So I have way too many YouTube accounts. My boyfriend makes fun of me whenever I give him my subscriber update becouse he always asks how many of those are me…that’s when I get a bit shy. It’s not that I create accounts to favorite my account, that’s just sad. The thing is, I had two accounts from my early youtube days, but thats before I knew you really had to follow the copyrighted music rules. So those accounts exist but are soon going to be void of all videos. So even though those accounts exist, they are ancient and do not count. Then theirs this account, TheCreatingCat, my main account. I then have a personal account (which I will not link, find it for yourself if you want to see, hehe) for more candid videos and a band account for my “band” that has yet to finish their first song. (I tend to plan a head a lot…) That’s really all in case you count the collab channel I’m on, which I don’t since it’s only a fifth mine. Regardless, I have ‘been around the tubes’ a bit. This is all leading up to my video this week, which is a video from my OLD channel that I am re-uploading with music I have permission to use. (Thanks Evil Wesil!) Check it out, I think it was shot early 2009

So Saturday I shot a music video with my friend Calvin. It was for a singer/songwriter named Elina. She is the cousin of my good friend Tina, thanks Tina for hooking us up! That should be done being edited early March (I’m doing all the editing too!) So keep on the lookout for that.

My project I’ve been planning with my boyfriend is finally starting production as well. It’s a short documentary series called Adventure Science about science, music, history and more. We shot an interview on Friday and are currently scheduling more and doing lots of planning. I’m not sure when it will premiere but it is (slowly) on it’s way!

Oh, and it’s Monday…we all know what that means…
This time in HD!!!


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