I’m probably part feline…

This post is coming a bit late, I know. But my weekly videos did not! Jim did not post a video, but that’s because he’s in Canada being awesome. (doing science-y stuff!)

So this video is another oldy but goody, added some royalty-free music and my little out-tro. Oh and…it contains me in Cats makeup…cause I know Jim needs warning…*headdesk*

This week has been ‘Collab Week’ on JelliclesVlog, and I was paired up with Roxanne from the CCDB. We did a fake commercial for the CCDB and it was quite silly but a lot of fun. (Warning: Cats makeup and a partial fur-suit involved..I know…be very afraid…)

Haha, I put this post in the Acting category for that…

That’s all for now everyone, keep telling your friends about my YouTube channel so I can get that Social Media contest started!


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