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This is my blog for people who want to keep up with my films and art and other creative endeavors.


Hi everyone!

Soon this wordpress will soon be no more.  That’s right, I’m making the switch from to, wonderful is it not?

What does that mean for my readers?  Not much, just switch your book marks to

Please follow me there not here anymore.



‘Brand New’ Music Video

I’ve made a brand new music video for a song called ‘Brand New’ The song is by an artist named Elina and it is the first single off her new CD Mesmerized. I directed and edited the video and my friend Calvin shot it. It was so much fun, I hope to be able to do more music videos like this one in the future.

Watch me talk about the video on my channel:

Or, go straight to the video on her channel:

In other news, the collaboration channel I’m apart of is looking for a new person to be our Thursday. Check out the details of how to apply here:

For Old Times Sake

I am one person away from having 100 subscribers on YouTube…wtf??
This is exciting, someone who doesn’t know it yet will be the 100th person and will singlehandedly start my contest off!
I’m gonna give stuff away once that person gets there!
I might even write you all a song…nope…that’ll be for my 1,000th subscriber…
(I need time to learn how to play…anything…)
Sub Me

Video Time!
This is an old documentary I made with my classmates back in 2007.
I’m re-uploading it because it always seems to come up every now and then in conversation and it was uploaded to an old (soon to be gone) channel and in bad quality.
Now it’s on my main channel, better quality, and it will remain here for pretty much ever.
Please enjoy.

I do how to videos now…in HD!
How To Make Mac and Cheese!

If you watched that (as with all my weekly vlogs) I’m surprised…but if ya did, die idea…good? bad?
Let me know!

KooZa Makeup

Just some make-up and costumes, as per usual. I’ve been making some new friends in
Yup, we’re a weird sub-culture.
My profile in your pants (haha, never gets old) is here.

If you want to see more of my CATS costumes, as i describe them in their ancient pitiful glory…

From Paleontology to Props

I know I’ve posted this video before, but that was on the old YouTube channel. Please watch it (again or for the first time), come on…Shark Teeth!

For your weekly dose of my nerdy-ness, here’s the vlog. Give me props, yo! (It’s a joke, just watch the video…hehe)

Who Doesn’t Like Bloopers?

This week I present to you, the bloopers from last week’s JelliclesVlog video. Yes, I know, lazy video Jenny, why couldn’t you have thought up something new? Well, this video montage was actually requested by Roxanne, my partner in crime for the original video. So I did it for her mainly, and come on…who doesn’t like bloopers?

For those of you who like guessing games, watch this short but sweet Monday Vlog. It’s two truths and a lie, because for this video, I was being lazy.

Tonight The Long Holidays have a concert so perhaps I will record some live footage. Look for a new video in the next week here!

I’m probably part feline…

This post is coming a bit late, I know. But my weekly videos did not! Jim did not post a video, but that’s because he’s in Canada being awesome. (doing science-y stuff!)

So this video is another oldy but goody, added some royalty-free music and my little out-tro. Oh and…it contains me in Cats makeup…cause I know Jim needs warning…*headdesk*

This week has been ‘Collab Week’ on JelliclesVlog, and I was paired up with Roxanne from the CCDB. We did a fake commercial for the CCDB and it was quite silly but a lot of fun. (Warning: Cats makeup and a partial fur-suit involved..I know…be very afraid…)

Haha, I put this post in the Acting category for that…

That’s all for now everyone, keep telling your friends about my YouTube channel so I can get that Social Media contest started!