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Comic Con
Comic Con 2008 – Me as Death and my friend JJ as the Joker

Ok, with all the stigma it gets…I have to admit, I love it! The best cosplayers out there are amazing talented artists who really should be working as costumers or fashion designers full time.
Anyone who knows me knows I love costume making and wearing.
I really would not conceder myself a cosplayer since I do it so casually, however given the opportunity, I love going all out.
It’s actually been a few years since I made a new costume for a convention. (I did however make a kick-ass costume for Halloween last year!)
This year I have a few ideas for costumes I want to make for Halloween, and random conventions I may or may not be going to…
Here, I’ll show you my ideas…
Suki - Fire Nation
Suki, from the ‘Avatar the Last Airbender’ TV show.
This is her Fire Nation costume, not what she normally wears, but what she has on for most of the last season.
Here’s a shot from above:
Not too hard, but I’d need it done by Nov.
There’s always her bathing suit from the same season…less material = easier/cheaper (in most cases)
Suki - bathing suit

That’s for a con…perhaps…

For Halloween…well, I’m not set on anything yet…but…perhaps…
But…I’m just gonna leave you hanging on that one…heh

Then…something I’ve been wanting to do for years…
Yes…a new Jemima costume.
For those of you who don’t know, she’s a character from the musical CATS, and yes…I’m a fan…
Here’s a close up of her makeup:
Jemima close up

So yeah, those are costumes I have in the planning stages at the moment.
Meaning, I have done NOTHING yet…just dreaming.