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I Love You Guys

Here’s a Valentine’s Day gift for you all!

It’s a video announcing my future Social Media contest. I need 100 YouTube subscribers to start it though, so spread the word about http://www.youtube.com/TheCreatingCat

Wow, after all that adding and friending me on:


You must be tired!
Take a break and listen to some music:

Weekly Monday Vlog:


In all honesty, I am grateful for the 84 subscribers I have and to anyone who has ever watched a video I’ve made…ever. I love you, please be my Valentine! ❤

How Meta Can I Get?

A YouTube video about stuff famous YouTubers sell? Actually, I could probably go more meta but it’s enough for me. And i can’t believe I’ve done more haul videos than Cats makeup videos on this channel…! Not my initial intention, perhaps I’ll have to bring back old Cat makeup videos from my old (about to be deleted) YouTube channel…hmmm. But I do have really good YouTube related news!!! I am going to Vidcon 2011!! WhooHoo! So if you’re going, I’ll see you there!

If you are in the mood for a song about Vikings, this will satisfy your craving:
(shot in HD by me!)

Or if you want to see me FAIL at playing the guitar, this works:

Yeah for content!
So much filming coming up this month, look out for that and if you don’t already, follow me on twitter!

Making Your Mondays a Little Bit Better

Every Monday I’ll be posting ‘vlog’ style videos. There are four other girls posting on different days and we are all from the Cats fandom. Join us (especially Mondays) for fun interactive vlogs!