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Third Time’s a Charm

After a constant debate over which journal to use as my main art blog, I came to the conclusion to ‘ditch’ both. My first being the lovely LiveJournal: here The benefits being the large community attached and the history, the downsides being the attraction of new members…and it’s bad reputation. (But when has a bad reputation ever stopped me?) The second being the witty Tumblr: here It’s benefits being the newness and snazyness, the popularity of the platform…and it’s downsides being the pretension and hipster-like quality. So screw them both, I’m making a WORDPRESS!!! The control is nice and it’s professional enough for me…also there’s the option of making it a .net rather than a .com since I do have a domain. JenniferSargent.net So, here I am, finally making up my mind. The LJ and Tumblr will not go away…the LJ has too many followers to delete it and the Tumblr is just fun. But this place will be my main base of blog-related operations from now on. Now, I leave you with a picture:
Me and Jim in the short film Fearbot, soon to be a webcomic. Created by my friend Franz Schmutzer. It’s his birthday today.