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‘Brand New’ Music Video

I’ve made a brand new music video for a song called ‘Brand New’ The song is by an artist named Elina and it is the first single off her new CD Mesmerized. I directed and edited the video and my friend Calvin shot it. It was so much fun, I hope to be able to do more music videos like this one in the future.

Watch me talk about the video on my channel:

Or, go straight to the video on her channel:

In other news, the collaboration channel I’m apart of is looking for a new person to be our Thursday. Check out the details of how to apply here:


Fun with HD

So, ever since I got my new Cannon Rebel T2i (a beautiful SLR camera) I have been using it more for filming on then for actually taking photos. I mean, sure, tons of Christmas photos were taken but besides that…it’s all been video. So I’ve been searching for tons and tons of Final Cut Pro how-tos. It’s great because now I know how to edit in widescreen and export an HD video (youtube ready), all the wonderful things college editing classes did not teach me. Exciting! Anyways, this lovely new toy has lead me to make more and more videos for my youtube channel (as you’ve probably noticed). I’d like to share the latest one with you. It’s a contest entry to a music video contest for a wizard rock band called Ministry of Magic. The song is about the seventh book but my video’s premiss is ‘what if I could go to the wizarding world?’ It was a bit of a spur the moment project so the cinematography is not the best, but the story is fun and the HD is just amazing to me (I love new things!) So go check it out and tell me what you think.